VIDEOGRAPHY is one of the most compelling ways to tell your story. From attracting new customers to converting viewers into customers, the power of video is unmatched. Why? Because people love videos. Your customers would much rather watch a video than read a wall of text Our video production team has 15 years of experience producing high quality, targeted videos including TV commercials, corporate and product videos, training videos, motion graphics animations and more… Our experienced staff will walk you through the entire process from scripting to production to optimizing for delivery.


We use our cameras as tools to do more than just record a simple moment in time. We look for small details that show the big picture. There's a difference between photography and storytelling.


Whether you’re organizing a festival or hosting your industry’s thought leaders for a conference, we know how to make sure your event comes across looking its best.


For your product or brand we can keep it simple with one camera or shoot with multiple cameras for dynamic style videos & comemrcials


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Our team keeps their eyes open to highlight the most authentic, exciting interactions & adjust their shooting style to capture the overall vibe of the project.


We create animated videos in a great way to clearly communicate concepts in a variety of styles, from playful 2D animation to stylish motion graphics to more technical 3D renderings.


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GREAT entertainment should be one of the first things to secure when planning event. And we find outstanding entertainment for your special day. We guarantees to help you make countless memories in a one-of-a-kind night that you and your guests will never forget.

A good DJ can feel the pulse of the crowd, knows what songs to play and when to play them. If you want your guests dancing at your next party or corporate event, wedding banquet or cocktail party, hire a professional DJ. We provide the best DJs for hire for events . DJs can play any genre of music from modern pop music, to disco, techno or lounge music. Best of all we also provide DJ equipment rentals and a full PA system rental for your event. And our sound system can cover every venue in Hong Kong.